About AAR

Founded in 1974, the Affirmative Action Register (AAR) was a concept way ahead of its time – and now over 30 years later – more relevant than ever. Created as a national recruitment publication for professional, managerial, technical and administrative personnel to fill positions in business, academia, healthcare, and government, AAR was originally intended to help employers comply with newly enacted equal opportunity employment legislation. Since then, AAR has grown to become a leading recruiting resource for both diversity-minded employers and employees. In 1991, AAR added a website to complement the print publication in order to reach a much broader audience. AAR was, and remains today, at the forefront of locating diverse candidates for organizations and businesses that embrace the necessity and understand the importance of creating a workforce that reflects the world around them.

Quite simply, in order to succeed in today’s competitive environment, diversity cannot merely be a buzzword or fad. It must be a way of doing business.  In a global economy inundated with ideas, information and changing cultural norms, no company can thrive without using the energy, ideas, talents and unique perspectives engendered by a diverse, multicultural workforce.

Through its online recruitment site, www.aarjobs.com, and its widely circulated employment magazine, AAR has continued to serve progressive employers who recognize that diversity and inclusion benefit everyone and see the future of today’s workforce as a dynamic kaleidoscope. For them, having a diverse workforce is, without a doubt, an imperative, and AAR is the resource they use to connect with qualified, diverse professionals.

For more than 30 years, the Affirmative Action Register (AAR) has been at the forefront of connecting diverse professionals with institutions and businesses that embrace a workforce that reflects the world around us.  AAR’s decades of recruiting experience have attracted high-quality candidates in every field, from medical research to non-profit management to college faculty.  More than 3,000 academic institutions, 500 healthcare facilities, 800 federal, state and municipal agencies, 750 businesses, 275 advertising agencies, as well as industrial and association advertisers have used AAR to help them connect to the professionals they seek to include in their diverse workforce.

AAR magazine is distributed free of charge to organizations, academic departments, college and university placement offices, libraries, associations and other locations where there is a high concentration of people with professional, managerial and technical expertise.  Permission is granted to reproduce copies of AAR for further distribution.  According to a previous audit, this pass-along readership was estimated to be more than 3.5 million people.

All ads placed in AAR magazine are also featured on our website, www.aarjobs.com along with website only advertisements.  Through www.aarjobs.com, you are connected to millions of diverse employment candidates.

When you advertise your job openings with AAR, you are an equal opportunity employer.